D.I.Y Lace cat ears Headband

Inspiration from MAISON MICHEL
Heidi lace cat ears headband

* Headband
* Wire
* Black lace
* Needle and Thread or Hot glue Gun


Step 1 : Cut 3.5" off the wire. Twist it around the headband at the top side

Step 2 : Bend the wire and attach the other end to the headband

Step 3 : Bend the middle and top of the ear to give it a more pointed appearance.

Step 4 : Cut a square of lace out and place it over the ear.

Step 5 : Sew the lace on to the wire. The thread is wrapped around- not pierced through the wire. If you don't know how to sew you can use craft glue to attach the lace]

Step 6 : Cut the excess lace off. Don't cut the lace too close to the wire. Repeat steps on the other ear

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In My Memory... I miss her... Never Forgotten.

D.I.Y Lunch Bag

Inspiration from Jil Sander : Fall/Winter 2012 collection: a $630 leather version, and an "affordable" $290 paper version.

OMG.!!! Lunch Bag!? This is INSANE!!

"...The fashionable lunch bag. It’s a controversial matter— these glorified designer lunch bags sell for hundreds of dollars but the sack-like shape is nothing new. I’ve seen articles ridiculing the Jil Sander coated paper bags but more and more designer versions seem to be popping up..."

* A paper bag for a template
* A large piece of leather (I cut up a vintage leather skirt)
* Scissors
* Sewing machine
* Iron

Step 1 : Take your paper lunch bag and cut it open. This will be your pattern for your new bag, so pick one that is the right size for you!

Step 2 : Lay out the pattern over your leather. Cut the leather, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance around all the edges that you had cut open. You’ll need that seam allowance for when you sew the leather together.

Step 3 : Sew the leather together exactly the way you cut the bag apart. You’ll have some excess parts in the corners, but you can just trim the interior corners to get rid of some of the bulk!

Step 4 : Use pinking shears and trim the top portion of the bag for the Zigzag effect. Cut a small half circles well, to really make this an authentic paper bag.

Step 5 : This is probably the most important step because the leather can tend to be poorly shaped and a bit floppy. Fold the bag the way a paper bag is folded and lay a towel over top and press the edges. This process will dry out the leather a bit and stiffen it so that it keeps its form better , As an optional step, cut out a piece of card stock or cardboard the size of the base & slip it into the bottom of the bag so that it doesn't sag!

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D.I.Y Apple Headbands

Anna Piaggi


* Fake Fruit
* Headband
* Hot glue gun


Step 1 : Decide where you would like the fruits , see which combinations you like best. You can plan ahead and arrange the fruits down.

Step 2 : Get your hot glue gun ready! Just start gluing and see what happens ;)

D.I.Y Fabric Flower No.4


* Fabric
* Pencil
* Needle and thread
* Scissors
* Synthetic Fiber 
* Hot Glue gun
* Pin or Clip
* Coca Cola's Canned


Step 1 : Using a Canned as a guide, draw and cut 6 circles from your patterned fabric.

Step 2 : Do a running stitch around the edge of each circle as shown below

Step 3 : When you've gone all the way around, pull the thread slightly to get a small “pouch” and fill with the fiber.

Step 4 : Finish pulling the pouch closed and secure with a couple of stitches.Repeat for all the other 5 circles.

Step 5 : Now to assemble the flower. Starting with the petals, stitch them side by side until you have all the 5 petal joined up.

D.I.Y Pencil Holder

If you have some paper cores or paper tubes , please don’t throw them away, Recycle them into these yarn wrapped pencil holder and get back to school!!!! This's so simple to make and if you have the materials on hand, it costs nothing!!!!

* Paper Core or Paper Tube
* Cardboard
* Yarns
* Felts
* Masking Tape
* Glue 


Step 1 : Trace the circumference of the tube on the thick cardboard. Cut the circle out.

Step 2 : Attach the circle to the base of the paper tube with masking tape.

Step 3 : Cut a piece of felt and glue it to the base with craft glue

Step 4 : Leave it for a few minutes or until the felt tack on well to the base before you start to roll the yarn around the tube.

Step 5 : Start gluing the yarn from top. If you find the yarn is a little difficult to attach to the tube, wait until the glue is tacky before wrapping the yarn around. The beginning is always the toughest part to start with for this project.

Step 6 : After wrapping a few rounds, turn the tube upside down and continue wrapping.

Step 7 : Decorate the pencil holder when the yarn is securely affix to the tube.

Step 8 : Wait till everything is dry, place the pencil holder on your desk to keep your stationary in it.

D.I.Y Fabric Flower No.3

Twisted Fabric Rosette


* Fabric
* Hot Glue gun
* Felt
* Pencil & Ruler


Step 1. Cut out a circle of felt and cut out a strip of fabric as long and as thick as you want.

Step 2. Take a piece of scrap fabric and knot it at the end. Glue it to the center of your felt circle.

Step 3. Start twisting the fabric around the knot in the middle, you’re going to twist your fabric back twice, dab some glue and curve the twisted portion around the center section in a clockwise pattern. till you can't twist no more.

Step 4. Once you reach the end of the fabric you can glue the end to the back of the felt.

All Done!

D.I.Y Dip Dye Old T-Shirt

Inspiration from TopShop

Pink dip dye roll back t-shirt.


* Fabric dye
* White T-shirt ( OLD T-SHIRT )
* Plastic bucket
* Warm Water


Step 1 : Fill 3″–4″ of warm water in plastic bucket ,Stir in some dye. We stirred in about 1/3 of the package, but use more if you want your shirt to be darker. 

Step 2 : Hold your t-shirt by the shoulders and carefully lower it into the dye until the color goes up as high as you’d like.

Step 3 : hold the shirt in the dye for 10–20 seconds to allow more color to soak in.

Step 4 : You can  check how dark the dye is, and leave it in longer if the color isn’t dark enough for you. Lift the shirt out when you are satisfied with the color.

Step 5 : Before dying the darkest part of the gradient, add a few more tablespoons of dye to the plastic bucket to make the color darker.

Step 6 : Then dip only the bottom of shirt into the plastic bucket .

Step 7 : We held the bottom of the shirt in the dye for about a minute or so, but you can keep checking it and remove the t-shirt when the color is as dark as you want.

Step 8 : After dying, let the t-shirt sit overnight to allow the color to sink in.

Step 9 : The next day wash the t-shirt in hot water with just a little bit of laundry detergent.

D.I.Y Undershirt make over :)

This project was made ​​by my grandchild.
She was 7 years old.
Now her school's term ending.
I have a lot of extra time with her.
I'm trying to find somethings to do with her​​
Although I'm very tired to fighting with her​​
But I was happy to take care of her.

Materials >>>

* Undershirt
* OIL PASTELS - Fabric Fun Pastels
* Piece of cardboard
* Cloth clip
* Pencil
* Iron


Step 1. Prepare a sketch of the drawing or inscription you would like to have on your undershirt and print it out in real size.

Step 2. Stretch out a t-shirt over the cardboard and fix it with the cloth clip. Place the printed picture underneath the t-shirt. Tracing the image and paint OIL PASTELS - Fabric Fun Pastels on your undershirt.

Step 3. Insert the paper in front of the picture .Iron the undershirt from the backside. Until the oil comes out.


Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You


Hurricane#1 - Only The Strongest Will Survive


D.I.Y Fabric Flowers No.2


* Fabric
* Pencil
* Needle and thread
* Scissors
* Hot Glue gun
* Coca Cola's Canned


Step 1 : Using a Canned as a guide, draw and cut out 5 circles from your patterned fabric.

Step 2 : You'll fold your circle in half and then in half again.

Step 3 : Start at the bottom corner of the curved side and make long gather stitches across the curve to the other side.

Step 4 : Gather the fabric into a petal shape by pulling the thread through. Repeat for all the other 4 circles.

Step 5 : Now to assemble the flower. Starting with the petals, stitch them side by side until you have all the 5 petal joined up.

Step 6 : Once you've finished gathering all your petals attach the last petal to the first petal to form the flower.

Step 7 : Choose a button for the center of your flower.

Step 8: Put a button as a center and sew or Hot glue your button to the center of you flower.

Step 9 : You can attach on a headband or attach a pin back for a lovely brooch.

D.I.Y ( No Sew ) Super Cute Bow Tie

Woven Bow Hair Clips
Inspiration from Forever 21
A bow tie is a super cute accessory.
It's really quick and easy to make.


* Hot glue gun
* Fabric
* Clip or Headband or Pin


Step 1: First you need to cut a rectangle of fabric. The little piece will be the middle of the bow.

Step 2: Next you need to fold the fabric onto itself, lengthwise.

Step 3: Now take the other ends and fold them into the middle as well. Glue the edges down with a couple dots from the glue gun.

Step 4: Take your bow and fold them , use your fingers to fold them like an accordion style. Use a bit of hot glue on this part , to help hold it in place.

Step 5 : Fold the sides of the little piece into the middle and make a line of glue to hold everything in place.

Step 6: Now put a small drop of hot glue on top of your bow and attach your little piece . Then you can wrap the middle strip around the larger rectangle . Scrunch the middle of the larger rectangle and wrap the little strip around the middle to keep it in place. Glue the smaller strip in place on the back of the bow.

Step 7: Next try on your Clip , headband or Pin ; figure out where you want your bow to rest on your head. Glue the middle in place.