D.I.Y Dip Dye Old T-Shirt

Inspiration from TopShop

Pink dip dye roll back t-shirt.


* Fabric dye
* White T-shirt ( OLD T-SHIRT )
* Plastic bucket
* Warm Water


Step 1 : Fill 3″–4″ of warm water in plastic bucket ,Stir in some dye. We stirred in about 1/3 of the package, but use more if you want your shirt to be darker. 

Step 2 : Hold your t-shirt by the shoulders and carefully lower it into the dye until the color goes up as high as you’d like.

Step 3 : hold the shirt in the dye for 10–20 seconds to allow more color to soak in.

Step 4 : You can  check how dark the dye is, and leave it in longer if the color isn’t dark enough for you. Lift the shirt out when you are satisfied with the color.

Step 5 : Before dying the darkest part of the gradient, add a few more tablespoons of dye to the plastic bucket to make the color darker.

Step 6 : Then dip only the bottom of shirt into the plastic bucket .

Step 7 : We held the bottom of the shirt in the dye for about a minute or so, but you can keep checking it and remove the t-shirt when the color is as dark as you want.

Step 8 : After dying, let the t-shirt sit overnight to allow the color to sink in.

Step 9 : The next day wash the t-shirt in hot water with just a little bit of laundry detergent.