D.I.Y Fabric wrapped wire clothes hanger

How to ( Recycle ) dress up old wire clothes hanger to make them more attractive.


* Old wire coat hanger
* Fabric
* Hot glue gun


Step 1. Cutting a long strip from a piece of fabric. Don't worry about being perfectly straight with these - It won't matter.

Step 2. Next, start anywhere on the hanger ; twisting the fabric around the wire all the way around. To make sure the fabric is everywhere tightly twisted around the wire >>> continue wrapping tightly until you run out of fabric. 

Step 3. When you get back around to where you started,Cut off the fabric leaving a 1 inch end. Put on some hot glue and next continue twisting the fabric, smearing the glue in and over the fabric and such way that the tip is completely covered and there are no loose ends.

P.S Don't be afraid of the fabric fraying - I like the effect!