D.I.Y Lace cat ears Headband

Inspiration from MAISON MICHEL
Heidi lace cat ears headband

* Headband
* Wire
* Black lace
* Needle and Thread or Hot glue Gun


Step 1 : Cut 3.5" off the wire. Twist it around the headband at the top side

Step 2 : Bend the wire and attach the other end to the headband

Step 3 : Bend the middle and top of the ear to give it a more pointed appearance.

Step 4 : Cut a square of lace out and place it over the ear.

Step 5 : Sew the lace on to the wire. The thread is wrapped around- not pierced through the wire. If you don't know how to sew you can use craft glue to attach the lace]

Step 6 : Cut the excess lace off. Don't cut the lace too close to the wire. Repeat steps on the other ear