D.I.Y ( No Sew ) Super Cute Bow Tie

Woven Bow Hair Clips
Inspiration from Forever 21
A bow tie is a super cute accessory.
It's really quick and easy to make.


* Hot glue gun
* Fabric
* Clip or Headband or Pin


Step 1: First you need to cut a rectangle of fabric. The little piece will be the middle of the bow.

Step 2: Next you need to fold the fabric onto itself, lengthwise.

Step 3: Now take the other ends and fold them into the middle as well. Glue the edges down with a couple dots from the glue gun.

Step 4: Take your bow and fold them , use your fingers to fold them like an accordion style. Use a bit of hot glue on this part , to help hold it in place.

Step 5 : Fold the sides of the little piece into the middle and make a line of glue to hold everything in place.

Step 6: Now put a small drop of hot glue on top of your bow and attach your little piece . Then you can wrap the middle strip around the larger rectangle . Scrunch the middle of the larger rectangle and wrap the little strip around the middle to keep it in place. Glue the smaller strip in place on the back of the bow.

Step 7: Next try on your Clip , headband or Pin ; figure out where you want your bow to rest on your head. Glue the middle in place.