How To Make Krathong... Part 1

Loi Krathong festival
  • Nowadays, Thai people still keep form suitably; on the full moon of the twelfth, people usually prepare natural materials to make krathong. For example, they use banana trunk and lotus to make beautiful krathong then stick candle, incense stick, and flowers in krathong. They always ask for good luck in the future and forgiveness Pra Mae Khongkha.
  • At the temples and tourist places, they held contestation of making krathong and Noppamas beauty pageants contest. There are many entertainment shows at night. Moreover, they set cautiously fireworks. The materials, used for making krathong, could be easily decomposed.Let's see how to make a Krathong!
  • Methods to make Kra Thong from banana leaves
  • The head of Krathong shall use soft stalk of banana or easily digest material to cut in round shape approx. 1-2.5” at the desirable size, fold the banana leaves in several shapes to assemble as Kra Thong.

how to make krathong

Method 1 : Rose Petal

Step 1 : Cut the banana leaves roughly 1.6 inches wide and 6 inches long. The number of the piece depends on the circumference of your Krathong base.

Step 2 : Fold it to be like a rose petal (see the picture). Put three of the pieces together; one slightly overlaps another.

Step 3 : Arrange all the folded pieces together and sew themwith green or black thread. Be sure to make the top and end of the leaves touch each other

Step 4 : Create the patterns until they are long enough to circle your Krathong base. Attach the patterns to the base with pins. Cut the parts of the leaves that exceed the lower part of the Krathong. The complete figure will look like a crown.

Step 5 : Decorate the Krathong with any kinds of flowers that you like. Place joss sticks and a candle in the middle of your Krathong and it is ready to float.

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